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Positive Outcomes of
Personalized Training

By connecting a learner's previous knowledge, abilities and experiences with the new training materials, we link their existing information with the new information. This is called personalized training.

By reducing the amount of time that it takes a learner to interact with and understand a new topic, personalized learning saves employers a lot of time. As a bonus, because the training is adjusted to the learners’ level of experience, personalized learning removes the content that is now redundant or irrelevant. Therefore, the learners wouldn’t waste time on learning concepts that don’t serve them.

Personalized learning results in more engagement because a learner is more likely to relate to, and remember the content that is relevant to their present area of work or projects.

When a topic is related to the learner and their role, they are more motivated to know more about it. This comes naturally. This is especially true when the materials contain information such as tips or tricks that are immediately actionable.

Numerous studies in behavioral psychology have shown that personalized learning leads to better learning results because it provides the learner with engaging, relevant, actionable, and memorable content. The result is a happy learner who likes interacting with the training material and performs better at their job.